Recommendations For Cleaning A Capsule Coffee Maker

How can I clean my coffee maker from capsules without spoiling it? If you are a coffee lover, surely you have asked yourself this question on more than one occasion. If we look closely at all the pipes and the metal structures that compose it, cleaning it may seem like an impossible task, however, you will discover that it is easier than you imagine.

The two main enemies and cause of dirt are lime and the remains of coffee that accumulate the internal part of the machine, so it is important to clean the coffee machine regularly to prevent them from accumulating. Do you want to know how to clean your coffee maker? Keep reading!

Tricks to clean your capsule coffee maker

  • Grandma’s method. Mix half a glass of water with vinegar and lemon juice, once the mixture is obtained, use it to clean the visible parts of the coffee maker and also the most inaccessible parts.
  • Use a soft cloth (better if microfiber) to rub the bottom and sides of the coffee maker
  • Decalcify the coffee maker once a month with specific products that allow removing the lime from the coffee maker as well as other dirt.
  • Clean all parts of the coffee maker with water
  • Change the water in the tank every day and fill it with clean water
  • At least once a month, it is also recommended to perform a cleaning cycle with the corresponding degreasing tablets. To do this, place the degreasing material in the ground coffee compartment and start the cycle. Then turn off the capsule coffee maker and leave it on for about 15 minutes, turn on the machine again and wait until the wash cycle is finished. Once the wash cycle is finished, wash the compartment under running water and put it back in its place

Coffee (capsules) for a coffee maker

This way of making coffee emerged some thirty years ago, but it has already gained popularity. It is often used by those who are reluctant to stand on the stove every morning and cook another portion of their favourite drink. To date, several types of capsules are produced:

  • aluminium.
  • polymer;
  • combined capsules with coffee.

Capsules for coffee machines have many significant advantages. The first and perhaps the main, we can assume that thanks to such a package, the beans retain their taste and aroma for a long time. The quality of the beverage made using such capsules does not depend on the ability of the person preparing it. This coffee does not require preparation. It does not need to be smoothed, dosed and compressed. Simply put the capsule in a special section of the espresso machine, and after a few minutes, you can enjoy the taste of your favourite beverage.

With these simple steps, you can enjoy a delicious homemade coffee. And you, do you have other methods to clean a capsule coffee maker? Tell us!